Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security

Managed Security

Available with  Dedicated Internet Access,  MPLS IP-VPN services, ‘Ranks ITT’ Managed Security Solutions use the latest security technology to provide premise-based Firewall, point-to-point Virtual Private Network (VPN) services as well as secure remote access from any public IP connection. These cost-efficient solutions are ideal for companies who desire network security without a heavy investment in infrastructure or personnel.

Ranks ITT Managed Security Solutions offer exceptional levels of security to

• Shield your network from unauthorized external attacks

• Communicate securely with company offices and remote users

Help protect your private company and customer data from being compromised. Our Managed Security Solutions are flexible, cost-effective, convenient and simple- to help reduce Total Cost of Ownership and enhance employee productivity.

• Select from a range of robust, scalable devices that can support many access types and bandwidth options

• Devices use Internet Security Protocol (IPSec) network authentication, data encryption and integrity checking programs

• Encrypted data travel over a dedicated, private IP connection

• Stateful Inspection Firewall and Virtual Private Network options are available in one device

• Firewall may be sold separately for MPLS IP-VPN

• Remote Access options securely connect users in remote locations or on-the-road

• Includes free network site survey to establish network requirements, firewall security policy setting and configuration, firewall      certification, ongoing management and security setting changes

• Network and security management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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