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Ranks Information Technology and Telecommunications Limited (TIN: 348456311871) is the market leader of nationwide internet and data communication network service with over USD 4 million investments. The company was founded in 2001, and currently the company serves more than 300 large and mid-tier business customers in the financial services, travel/hospitality, manufacturing, government, media/entertainment, and technology and retail industries. Ranks ITT also entered into strategic partnership with SITA/Equant/Orange as their network provider in the territory of Bangladesh, providing carrier service to hundreds of SITA/Equant/Orange clients.


Our Mission

  • To help businesses and people to communicate anytime, anywhere and in the most effective way.
  • To help businesses grow by enhancing their operational efficiency.
  • To believe in creating and delivering value to our customers, employees and shareholders which is fundamental to our business.
  • To provide technologies that help people and business rethink their strategies for operational success.

Our Vision

¨Technology has never provided more opportunities in this rapidly thriving economy right now and choosing the right partner lets you leverage those opportunities. With more than a decade long of successfully partnering the corporate sector of the ‘IT’ industry and developing ‘Optimum System Integration’ experience we are a team committed to your success, and access to today’s and tomorrow’s leading technologies. And we are a determined band of people with a vision to become a partner in progress in the coming days of “Digital Bangladesh”.

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Benefits of Ranks ITT ‘Total Quality Management’ process

  • Facilitate the network management on those locations with optimum onsite technical support personnel.
  • Integrated network management over different locations.
  • Facilitate the multi-location troubleshooting.
  • 24 hours SMART (Special Monitoring Assistance Response Team) online network events tracking.
  • 24 hours SMART (Special Monitoring Assistance Response Team) online traffic status monitoring.


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