SMS Service

SMS messaging has never been easier

SMS Service is the most common and convenient way of digital communication. With CommPeak SMS Service you can instantly reach your customers and efficiently increase engagement with your audience wherever they are and whenever you need.


SMS Service end-to-end testing that will keep our service robust and reliable


Dynamic routing

Guarantee of the best quality and deliverability on the one hand, and efficient conversion on the other.


2-way SMS Service

Increase engagement with your customers.



SMPP/HTTP API integration.

Safe and secure Hosted VoIP provider

Web-based Dialer and Administrator by RanksITT

For Those Who Seek Business Operations At Their Peak



Coordinate your automated phone calls with unique business logic.

  • CRM integration
  • Monitoring & Analysis
  • Role-based access
  • Campaign management


Automate your sales teams routine and help them focus on their vital tasks.

  • Auto Dialing & Callback
  • Progressive Dialing
  • Predefined setup
  • Custom SMS, emails

Customer Service

Get more satisfied customers by Routing each call to the right person.

  • Call recording
  • Lead history
  • Performance tracking
  • Skill-based assignment

Call center

Take control of your call center, gain meaningful insights, and increase your performance.

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Agent screen & DNC lists
  • Timezone management
  • Voicemail detection

Stop losing your Business & Administration, Go auto today

How does it work?

For the beginning of your campaign with our SMS Service you only need to:

Personal auto dialer manager
  • Register

    Sign up for our free trial

  • Activate your SMS account

    Launch in a few clicks by choosing desired currency

  • Create SMS Channels

    Set your SMS channel and choose the type of SMS Product you need



Increase agents efficiency, more talk time less wait time with our automated dialer solution